Buying a Home

Be informed about the the home buying process before you write your offer.

Get pre-approved and know your loan will close.

Knowledge is Power: When you get pre-approved for a home purchase, you want more than just a quick credit check and a thumbs up.  We take the time to review your credit, income, assets, and entire situation to make sure you are fully approved.  We also take the time to explain the steps of home buying to you. You are an informed buyer when it’s time to start writing offers.

Purchase Prices vs. Payments

Closing Costs & Down Payments

Budgeting for your Future

Know the Facts:  We take the time to show you not just how much you qualify for on paper, we help you budget by showing you the different payments that go with different prices.  We explain to you how closing costs work and what you will need to buy your home.  We make sure when you write your offer, you already know what your payment will be and what you will need for your down payment.

Refinance your Mortgage

What sets Centerpointe Financial apart from all of the other mortgage companies?

Real & Relevant - We make sure that you have the facts you need to make the best decision with your finances.  We give you real & relevant information that matters to your situation.  When you call us at Centerpointe, you don’t talk to our sales force.  You talk to a loan officer who will analyze your situation and give you the options to save money and pay off your loan faster.

Experience - Our loan officers all have decades of experience.  Centerpointe Financial has been serving clients since 1996.

Honesty - Bottom line is we want to make sure a refinance will save you money and help you pay off your loan faster.  If it doesn’t help you, we will be the first to tell you.  

Service - We pride ourselves on our service at Centerpointe Financial.  Our goal is to make the process of refinancing as simple as possible for our clients.  We make sure to explain the options clearly to you so you can make the best decision for your loan.  

No Processors - You work with the same loan officer from the beginning to the close of your loan.  Unlike other companies, we don’t pass you off to junior processors or other departments.  You will deal with the same person from beginning to end.  That person is your loan officer who has decades of experience to rely on to make sure your loan process is the best possible.

No Office Visits - You don’t have to drive to our office.  We do everything over phone, email and fax.  When it’s time to sign the final loan documents we send a notary to your house at a time that’s convenient for you.

Competitive - We are a small company with very little overhead.

That allows us to be one of the most competitive companies that’ll you’ll deal with.  We are able to keep our costs low so that we can pass those savings on to you.

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